My autobiography would be a gripping walk through my biggest LYFE MOMENTS. It will be gripping. It will be chilling. It. Will. Give. You. Goose. Bumps.
  1. Chapter 1: I arrive on the scene a newborn fully formed- no visible deformities.
  2. Chapter 2: 2nd-6th grade: ANARCHY
  3. Chapter 3: New York, I love you but you're bringing me down
  4. Chapter 4: Advice a 16 years old needs to hear... or doesn't.
  5. Chapter 5: "These are my Confessions"
  6. Chapter 6: I'm going to be very meta in this chapter.
  7. Chapter 7: my autobiography within my autobiography.
  8. Chapter 8: College LYFE and turmoil.
  9. Chapter 9: odd jobs I've worked and some I haven't.
  10. Chapter 10: My greatest accomplishment: PILLOW COMB and other inventions.
  11. Chapter 11: the various cliques I've been in and how I learned to support me in those times.
  12. Chapter 12: my cliques greatest accomplishment: HAIR PUNS.
  13. Chapter 13: what "adult" means to me
  14. Chapter 14: MUSICAL ME- this will contain never before seen scripts.
  15. Chapter 15: a little of this and a little of that.
  16. Chapter 16: THE END.