1. Blasting NSYNC and dancing around the room while cousin Christina applied blue eyeshadow to her lids.
  2. Calling 911 on a dare. Then watching in terrified silence when the police called back and had a word with my dad. "It was just an accident!!"
  3. Sleeping in my parents' bed and squeezing my mom's hand. I thought if I held on tightly enough, she wouldn't leave for work the next morning.
  4. Feeling so safe and secure in my dad's arms as he lifted me outside on a chilly Fall night. There were fireworks in the sky. I was four.
  5. Sitting with my back pressed against the window, the sun spilling onto my sister's sleepy smile. I picked up my Kodak, squinted, snapped a photo. Click!
  6. Feeling stressed and anxious about a test I had the following day. It was junior kindergarten and I couldn't quite count to 10 yet.
  7. Fearlessly jumping off the top of the staircase and hitting the carpeted floor with a "THUNK." I felt like a super hero and only a little bit woozy. This might be why I couldn't count to 10