My sister wanted to try listing for for herself, so I let her borrow my phone 👍
  1. You bring your camera with you everywhere and I mean e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e (random excursions out to McDonald's anyone??)
  2. You want to have a photoshoot with everything and everyone
  3. With time comes improvement, but those first couple photos (or should I say first couple years) with your camera you'd rather not show to the world ... Hello blurry photos with no sense of lighting at all
  4. No tripod? No problem!! Stacks on stacks of books and boxes were the key to everything
  5. Hours and hours spent on YouTube and photography blogs trying to devour as much content as you possibly can
  6. Immediately wanting to go out and shoot after watching said videos and reading said blogs
  7. "I'm so sorry this is taking a long time but I need you to model for me and your hair is just being a tad bit fussy"
  8. Finally you find out about free photoshop and Lightroom downloads and you can ditch those websites with a million and one filters that you once thought were super cool
  9. Edit, edit, edit - editing is the key to success!
  10. Dreaming about being a wildlife photographer for national geographic .... Dreaming about being a photographer for anything really
  11. Your friends are coming to you for photography advice!! :D
  12. Doubting yourself as a photographer because how could you possibly be as good as your idols you see online?
  13. Finally putting yourself out there (and your work) for others to see
  14. Still doubts self but knows that in order to grow you need to experience