(Aka what I'll be doing right now) A guide 😎
  1. Edit and re-edit your list
    Did I make a grammatical error? Let me tweak this little section right here. Oooh what about gifs? People like gifs
  2. Refresh the page once every few seconds
    The app's probably being real glitchy right now. Did I get a like yet? *8.73 gruelling seconds later* what about now? NOOOW? Oh hey, I kind of like how my mouth feels when I stretch it out like that. NOUWHH—oh, cracked my jaw.
  3. Exit the app and distract yourself from your list app shame
    Let's see if I got any new spam mail aka the only constant in my life. You always find time to email, text and call me, even after all the times I've hung up on and blocked your number.
  4. Consider deleting the list
    [cue thoughtful, pondering music] 🤔
  5. Decide against deleting the list
    That's just an insult to your genius
  7. Side note:
    I can't find the drafts option anymore!!! I've been away for too long, how does one make drafts on here?