I take pictures. I take a lot of pictures. Did I mention I take a lot of pictures. I hope you enjoy my 1st list.
  1. The Buxton Inn located in Granville, Ohio has operated continuously as an Inn since 1812. Hollywood players Steve Carell, Jennifer Garner and Michael Eisner have all walked past this historical sight while attending Denison University.
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  2. It took a couple trips to warm up to the Gulf Coast but I feel very comfortable here now.
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  3. As someone who has lived on the West Coast and has traveled throughout North America and Asia I find it comical how the national media portrays Cleveland. If you think you know who and what CLE is about but have never been here you have no idea who and what CLE is about. The quality of life the North Coast is good, very good.
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  4. Like everyone on IG I must take a picture of every VW van I see and post it immediately #vanlife
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  5. This vehicle could roll off the line today and pass for a 2016. 25 years ago and so ahead of the game.
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  6. Dear Vodka book release party. The book can be bought through Valley Cruise Press. Never stop looking for amazing.
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  7. So blessed to have these two in my life.
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  8. Nice garage ... Oh yeah, nice Porsche 918 with Martini livery.
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  9. That magical moment your daughter finds her shadow. If you know Toronto you know this neighborhood.
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  10. Surfs Up Cleveland!
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