My favourite sports teams

  1. NHL: Chicago Blackhawks
    Became my favourite team before 2010 playoffs (no I am not a bandwagonner lol), because someone told me Jonathan Toews was from winnipeg which is where I live, and ever since chicago has been my team and Toews my favourite player. I do like the Jets and want to see them succeed, but chicago comes first.
  2. NBA: Raptors and Warriors
    I don't care for basketball all that much so I don't really cheer hard for a team like I do for the NHL, so I really only watch it during the playoffs. However, I'd say I cheer for the Raptors since they are the only Canadian team. Also steph curry is the most exciting player to watch in the game so I want to see him succeed (I am definitely on the band wagon here lol).
  3. NFL: Buffalo Bills
    Not sure how I came to liking this team. I only started really getting into NFL (watching games every week) about a year and a half ago. Buffalo seemed like they had potential and I like Sammy watkins; I wish they would run a play for him more, since he can definitely out run many defenders.
  4. MLB: Blue Jays... somewhat
    Like the Raptors, since the Blue Jays are the only Canadian team in the MLB, I want them to succeed, but I honestly don't care for baseball all that much, just too boring to watch.