Things that happen when @sarahgorman re-lists your list

  1. So I made a list on my phone, it was kinda funny I guess
  2. Then @sarahgorman (reigning Queen of @list or something like that) re-listed my list
    Is re-listed the right term? Help I'm new here
  3. It was a blessing #blessed to be re-listed by someone with such power
    Praise the holy Kim for this gift of re-listing
  4. I could only imagine the possibilities. Was I about to be discovered? Was this my big break into stardom?
  5. 2 minutes later my phone is buzzing. Notifications were rolling in. Like several of them in one minute
  6. They keep rolling in. I'm up to 5 likes now. This is exciting
  7. I type up a letter of resignation, I'm not going to have time for a day job now that the papz are gonna be after me
  8. ...... And then the likes stop. My phone is silent. I sit in despair
  9. Where are my likes? Where are my followers? Where is my fame?
  10. I got 8 likes
  11. I only have 4 followers
  12. Then I wrote this new list in hopes of getting re-listed again and maybe attracting that elusive 5th follower
    I've been waiting for you #5 - whoever you are
  13. Thanks for nothing @sarahgorman
    But also thanks for everything