Traffic light colors RANKED

You asked and I'm finally delivering: the official ranking of colors on a traffic light
  1. Last place - Yellow
    Ughhhh the ultimate worst in traffic light colors amiright?? This one unfortunately requires you to think and take action. How long has it been yellow for? Do I have enough time to speed up and make it through without getting T-boned in the middle of an intersection? If I decide to brake and stop short will my venti non-fat vanilla triple mocha frappa-cold brew go flying out of my hands and splatter all over the windshield? Go to hell yellow light - no one invited you.
  2. 3rd place - Blue light
    Ok ok I know y'all are questioning my decision here - there are clearly only 3 colors on a trafficlight. But sometimes the Green light is discolored and appears blue. And that's unclear and confusing. For those reasons Blue Light gets 3rd place. Also I didn't want to allow that freakish yellow light onto my podium. It doesn't deserve a medal, even if it's bronze.
  3. Before we get to the top 2 light colors - let's pause and take a look at this amazing image I found. They even included the elusive Blue light.
    This goes to prove that literally anything can be compared to the Hogwarts houses. JK Rowling is a genius for thinking of traffic lights when writing her masterpiece.
  4. 2nd place - Red light
    Ok - this was obvious. Red isn't going to beat Green. By its very nature it makes you stop, it impedes you. But it also saves lives cuz of that whole oncoming traffic thing. And without it, when would we check our texts, send our snapchats, and change the radio station?
  5. 1st place - Green light
    We call this the party light. Pedal to the metal.
  6. Honorable mention: green arrows
    Who doesn't love these adorable little guys? They're like the minions of the traffic signal world.