Twin cities dining for brunch

  1. St. Genevieve
    For French dining in the most magical restaurant. Favorites: eggs benedict with crab and grapefruit, beignets. Reservations advised.
  2. Uni Deli
    For the best ramen. Favorites: dramen bowl with pork belly. No reservations. Close at 6pm.
  3. Turtle Bread in Linden Hills
    For homemade soup and your weekly loaf of bread. Favorites: huevos rancheros, tomato soup. No reservations. Close at 6pm.
  4. Grand Cafe
    For a luxurious brunch at a reasonable price. Favorites: eggs en cocotte (poached egg, puff pastry, Gruyere, truffle cream, ham, and sourdough). Reservations advised.
  5. The Bachelor Farmer
  6. La Ceiba Bistro