X-men movies(including wolverines) ranked from worst to best

  1. X-men origins wolverine
    Cool opening scene but everything is down hill from there. Bad version of gambit and a horrible version of dead pool.
  2. X-men 3 the last stand
    Not the worst popcorn movie but a bit of a mess and a huge decline from its predecessor
  3. X-men
    One of the first great comic book movies and a great introduction to this universe.
  4. The wolverine
    Much more grounded then origins. This is the first time you see the almost indestructible wolverine vulnerable and fear for his safety.
  5. X-men first class
    Fun and vibrant. This film breathed new life into a dying franchise.
  6. X-men 2
    Greatly improved upon this first. Has one of the most memorable opening scenes of any super hero movie to date (night crawler)
  7. X-men days of future past
    Combines new cast with old using one of the best storys from the comics. It also fixes some of the missteps the franchise made using the time travel element to tweak the story. This film has the best scene since night crawler in X-men 2.