My friend turned 22 today
  1. There was this girl who didn't know anyone, and the only words that came out of her mouth were names cause she just went around trying to remember everyone's name
  2. It's Wednesday and I have work tomorrow, so I had like one beer and was like whatever about it
  3. People were doing Edward 40 hands
  4. This guy kept calling everyone "brotha" and he was white and wearing a scarf
  5. Said white dude got way too excited when he managed to bum an American spirit off of my friend
  6. I met this other guy who had the same voice as the surfer guy from spongebob along with the same vernacular, he told me about his YouTube channel
  7. Somebody played all star by smash mouth.
    It doesn't matter if it's played ironically at this point, it's just a bad song
  8. I found my friend's unattended phone and changed the text short cuts. The changes I made were all juvenile.
  9. I checked my email and found this
    274fbefc 5a3d 4c0d 9ec6 495d2326bfc1
  10. Some guy chanted "chug" at someone chugging, which that's actually the first time I've seen that happen in person.