Seinfeld is, for lack of a better word, tight. Nothing captured the essence of the 90's quite like this sitcom. As Internet humor gets more and more absurd and full of inside jokes, multiple generations of social media users frequently draw from Seinfeld as inspiration for humor or even pure self expression. Here are some big examples.
  1. Seinfeld2000
    Perhaps this is the biggest catalyst for the revival of Seinfeld as a popular cultural reference source. Can yuo imagen what Sinefeld would be like if still on today? I think we all can. This performance artist-like social media genius has had us all misspelling words and remembering even the most obscure Seinfeld moments while comparing them to today's cultural phenomena.
  2. Modern Seinfeld
    Seinfeld2000 would be nowhere without the original imagineers of a world where Seinfeld still broadcasts. Modern Seinfeld was the more tasteful and accessible yet still hilarious original speculator of where our favorite characters would be today.
  3. Seinfeld emoji
    As seinfeld2000 became more popular, we began to see it collaborate with many photoshoppers and bloggers to create more speculative content. One of which is the Seinfeld emoji app, which captures classic Seinfeld moments as well as imaginings of the show's characters if they were modern in emoji form. Examples include emoji junior mints and Jerry wearing Google glass.
  4. Hulu
    Hulu made a really smart move recently when they decided to offer Seinfeld as part of their streaming service. People had been anticipating the add of this sitcom to the netflix roster for years, and the good people at Hulu decided to take matters into their own hands. Now multiple generations can view Seinfeld on a computer screen instead of just at 7pm/6pm central on TBS.
  5. "Net Artists"
    "Net art" became a crucial part of the tumblr world when teenagers and college students started to become aware of the sick deal where you get Adobe creative cloud for $20 a month. Thousands of photoshop YouTube tutorials later, we were blessed with vapor wave, health goth, as well as old pictures of Larry David with marijuana themed layer masks all over the blogosphere.
  6. Stugazi
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    This is an example of an Internet artist who uses Seinfeld as a muse for inspiration as he makes unique clothing and designs. His work includes this:
  7. And this:
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  8. Caroline Goldfarb
    This internet artist exploits several celebrities of many different varieties by finding strange pictures of them on the Internet and coming up with funny captions. She goes by officialseanpenn on Instagram, and you guessed it, Seinfeld is well represented. She even has a George Costanza and Larry David sticker pack available on her website.
  9. Seinfeld pitstain
    This is just a very strange YouTube channel I found once that really has nothing to do with Seinfeld. However, it still demonstrates the use of the Seinfeld name as a meme, or even a ~brand~ if you will.
  10. Michael Richards is racist
    Since his incident at a comedy club like a decade ago, people have been bashing the actor who played Kramer for his racist outburst. In an interview he had with Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, he expressed his deep sorrow and shame that the event occurred. People still have not forgiven him for this, and continue to joke about it on the web. Forgive Michael Richards already, he's sorry, and he's human!