1. Stance on T Swift as a feminist
  2. Why someone has a watch with three difference faces
  3. The type of rain jacket she bought
  4. How rather those me of year affects wardrobe choice, and how where that person is from also plays into this chpice
  5. Whether her new hair color looks like Emma Stone red
  6. How does a staircase break and come closed to use?
  7. She really has to go to the bathroom
  8. Starbucks' new ombré designed holiday cups
  9. What kind of Starbucks drink she wants to order
  10. "Have we really only been in this class for 38 minutes?"
  11. The pen I lent her for sign in sheet accidentally got passed down the row.
  12. The dress she wants to buy for work kind of looks like a bathrobe.
  13. On Gray's Anatomy: "it's inspiring to watch (fake) doctors save lives"
  14. "If I eat salad and a grapefruit and then like half a pint of Ben and Jerry's and call that dinner does it all even count?"
  15. She's kind of craving Zaxby's.