Accessible schooling

I visited the accessibility services office a few days ago, by myself, on my own
  1. They didn't have on file that I was autistic
    I showed them where it was written on my papers, and they said, oh, sorry, we would have given you a different advisor had we known
  2. They did have my disability listed as "bipolar"
    I'm... not bipolar. Bipolar subtype, yes, but schizoaffective and bipolar are two different things
  3. I'm worried that they thought I was rude
    I am always worried because people usually find me rude
  4. My advisor was disabled too!
  5. I must act neurotypical! I say.
  6. That way they will trust me! I say.
  7. I must prove that I am responsible! I say.
  8. ... I am going there specifically because I am a disabled mess of a nonperson
    Honestly, they probably don't WANT me to stress about acting neurotypical
  9. I got some cool things!
  10. Like a smart pen!
    Very, very helpful
  11. I was an Adult
    That felt good
  12. I felt empowered, like I could socialize and focus and actually understand the abstract concept that is a number!
  13. Spoiler alert: I still can't
  14. But that's okay. I guess.