an elegy
  1. I got a Facebook notification that today's your birthday
    I completely forgot
  2. You would be eighteen today
    It's an important age
  3. You'd be an adult
    Still an adolescent, I think, but an adult
  4. You would be in your senior year of high school
    It's a good time
  5. You'd have a party with your family and one with your friends (only I'm in the Lower 48)
    ...probably you'd play a lot of music and make chili (you made the best chili) and drink hard lemonade, but who am I to judge?
  6. Sometimes I want to just scream "MY FRIEND IS DEAD AND THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT"
    It wouldn't solve anything, but today it's strong.
  7. Carmella. I miss you.
  8. I miss your snapchats
  9. I miss our texting sessions
  10. I miss not getting to know you as well as I could.