Further things that happened in Denali (life listing)

  1. Was bitten by multiple voles; was bitten three times by a single vole.
    The former is unsurprising. The latter .... well, I bled everywhere, the bite marks continue to come open, and the vole who bit me was immediately dubbed "Literal Satan" sooooooo
  2. Said sentences you really need context for
    Such as: "I wouldn't have told Mel, but I kinda vomited right in front of her, and couldn't be like, 'It wasn’t me! Cakes did it!'"
  3. Ate a dinner. Ate another dinner. Accidentally vomited them up and couldn't blame it on Cakes. Ate a third dinner.
    I honestly did not know that at this point in my life I could eat that much.
  4. Woke up at five six days in a row
    Ugh. The things we do for science, right?
  5. Danced at a "party"
    Well, it had glow sticks and music and took place at 2 AM, but it was nine very dirty very tired scientists and scientists in training who spent the whole time eating and discussing vole genitals ( because we are actually children with too much government issued grant money)
  6. Had a lot of fun
    It was nice to get out of the lab