I've been busy! life li.sting
  1. Boba Tea is glorious
    Some friends and I went there, and had a long talk, and I had matcha green tea boba.
  2. I can eat now! Mostly.
    It's still not fun, but I can do it.
  3. I was called "retarded", and that surprised me. It also hurt a lot. We're still friends, but I'm having trouble forgiving and forgetting.
    I've been called it before, but in college?
  4. The new Steven Universe shorts are glorious.
    My favorite is "Gem Karaoke"
  5. The cane I ordered came. My mom was super supportive.
    I don't really need it at the present moment, but I did a week ago. Unfortunately, it's kinda late for that. It's a cool cane, though, it glows in the dark.
  6. I've been journaling more.
    It's nice.
  7. My Pearl cosplay is close to finishing.
  8. Apparently cuddling with friends is good.
    I never knew that.
  9. I went to a #BlackLivesMatter panel and a Bisexuality Awareness Week discussion