I have had to make some changes- I struggle with math, and had to quit Calculus and therefore physics. As a former astrophysics major, this puts a serious damper on my dream of studying the sun (using math) This is an attempt to make me feel better
  1. Remember: you always have other options
    My occupational therapist used to say this to me. Years later, I've finally understood
  2. Know that you can always try again
    I'll take Calc eventually. Once I have an official dyscalculia diagnosis, hopefully people will be able to work on accommodations
  3. Come up with a new plan
    I'm going to try biochemistry and languages. I have experience in a genetics lab, and I speak Spanish fluently, and have taken some Japanese. I hope to be able to translate scientific papers.
  4. Repeat the new plan to yourself over and over
    You may have noticed I changed my bio here. It's an attempt to drill new plans into myself
  5. Accept your limitations
    It hurts, that my math difficulties are so strong. Science relies so much on math, and science is what I love to learn about.
  6. It's okay to be upset
    I had about five meltdowns yesterday and the day before.