In which I am queer

  1. I've talked about my girlfriend
  2. We're working on getting her to Alaska to visit me
    I'm super excited
  3. We're the personification of that Tumblr post about fifth date ideas being "Welcome to my mental illness"
  4. She's super pretty
    Like, really pretty
  5. She's Amethyst and I'm Pearl
    Amethyst behaves like she's borderline and Pearl is coded autistic, so we relate
  6. She is the Most excellent
  7. There is a Cute Girl in two of my classes
    Very cute
  8. She was very nice to me when I was having a meltdown
    She hugged me and offered me food
  9. We've been texting
    She wished me goodnight!
  10. I'm getting pretty strong queer vibes from her
    And I've mentioned before in class that I'm gay and poly and ace
  11. I missed class Tuesday
    And we're meeting to go over her notes!
  12. The "Romance option" has not yet been unlocked, but I do have a crush
    My romantic orientation is ???