My aesthetic

colorful things, basically
  1. Macarons
    Plus they're tasty, and I like sweet things
  2. These pill boxes
    I have the orange for morning pills, the pomelo for nighttime, and the lemon for as-needed
  3. This planner
    Admittedly I ordered it yesterday, but judging by the pictures Hopefully I'll be inspired to actually use it.
  4. Space
  5. Antagonists who think that they are in the right
    Like Javert and Burr
  6. Nameless and the Scientist
    Very specific, but there you have it
  7. Long braids and freckles
    Also very specific. Perhaps it says something about me that my aesthetic is myself? Should I even admit this?
  8. Redback voles
  9. Constellation tattoos
    I want a tattoo, but I don't, yknow?
  10. Dragons
    Maybe it's because I'm asexual, and also maybe because I have an unhealthy obsession with antagonists (see above)
  11. This shirt
    Feat. Me It says "gender void" and has stars
  12. Science puns
    It's true.