Resolutions @ age 19

I turn nineteen on the twenty fifth of September
  1. Journal daily
    It'll help me in the future and keep track of my life. I can do this electronically or analog
  2. On a similar note, fill out my planner
    It'll help so much with messing up
  3. Set up a Skype call for my parents and Alice
    She's probably coming to visit over winter break! I'm so excited!
  4. Set up my new phone
    That's something I need to do this week, actually
  5. Get stuff done early
    I have a paper and some discussion questions to answer, and they're due pretty soon
  6. Drink more water, eat more salty foods
    I know, I know, cliché, but with my dysautonomia I really need it.
  7. Exercise/ do my physical therapy
    I can barely walk right now, so I need help
  8. Socialize more
    I'm meeting with Jasmine tomorrow; that's a start
  9. Work on verbal expression
    Goodness knows I need it
  10. Overall, just track myself
    Mood, exercise, self care
  11. Hygiene
    Brush teeth, shower, the works
  12. Maybe get a tattoo!
    Self expression, nonverbally