Some questions I have right now

post-physics class
  1. Where did the h go?
    Seriously. Where did it go
  2. How did the professor get 90 on a simple arithmetic problem where I got not-90?
    I mean, I can't do arithmetic, but I can use a calculator
  3. Are the noises he's making actually words?
    My processing speed is very bad. My physics professor speaksreallyfast. I can't understand ANYTHING. My brain goes "physical science. Phy sic al sceience? Physicalscjence? What???"
  4. When is my meeting with the accessibility services office and what accommodations am I going to ask for?
    I'll need some if I want to get an A
  5. Professor: If you don't think about physics every second of the day, you're not cut out to be a physical scientist. Me: does thinking about physics when I'm not thinking about Steven Universe count?
    I can't control my special interests
  6. Should I scream?
    The answer is no. Do I want to scream? Yes