They're interesting places, to be sure.
  1. If you go in straight, you will not come out straight
    So many girls! So few boys! Everyone lives in close contact with each other
  2. Woe unto the roommate of a psychotic patient *cough* me *cough*
    Poor, poor roommate, who had to deal with me waking her up in the middle of the night multiple times
  3. Interesting conversations
    About peeing in cups, swearing, relative ages, and Magic: the gathering
  4. If you freak out on a despised group therapist you will not annoy people
    Often, when people freak and get a code called, everyone is upset with you. I got a code called on me for freaking on Mr. Lynn and was congratulated
  5. There are some types of food that are adored
    One of my friends and I had a special dance we did when it was fish and chips day
  6. Everything (like leaving the unit) is a huge treat
    I never thought I'd be so happy to play golf, but it was an outing, so
  7. Most people don't try very hard at first
    I did! I was the person who remained on tier iii (the second highest) the longest! But most people resent being there
  8. But you can try hard and not succeed
    My second roommate left in a month and a half. I left in five and a half, despite getting a certificate that said I'd tried the hardest of anyone there
    A lot
  10. People get upset and have codes called about the silliest things
    Like dead squirrels
  11. Trauma is a tremendous influence on needing residential care
    So much PTSD
  12. The school there frankly stinks
    I was unable to take calculus, or even precalculus again
  13. You come out ... better
    At least I did