all permeated with Extreme Angst
  1. Not schoolwork
    I can't focus at all
  2. Had a meltdown
  3. Was discharged from the ER
    I made a trip there last night. Probably shouldn't have, in retrospect, of course they wouldn't find anything, but I was panicking
  4. Wondered if I should drop out of college
    I won't, of course, but I am really struggling
  5. Talked on the phone to my parents several times
    And kinda freaked out on them. They were asking me too many questions and telling me to do too many things
  6. Walked to the library
    My knees slid and clicked really painfully, and of course when I got there it was closed
  7. Almost vomited up both breakfast and lunch
  8. Was colorful
    I don't like my body, but I liked my clothes
  9. Slept
    As previously stated, I spent last night in the ER
  10. Organized my pill drawer
    Hoo boy. Look at what it used to look like.
  11. Lurked
    I'm a gargoyle autistic.
  12. Found a toothbrush I want
    The foreo issa mini
  13. Attempted schoolwork
    Not going to happen
  14. Cried a lot
    Usually I'm not very emotional, but that's what meltdowns do to you even after they're over
  15. Plotted suicide
    Don't worry- not seriously, just kind of in an apathetic, "I could totally do this and nobody could stop me" way
  16. Spilled my iced tea everywhere
  17. Diversified my diet
    I ate noodles with marinara sauce instead of a bagel!
  18. Wrote this as well as one about Carmella