Things I did yesterday

  1. Have about three meltdowns - one about failing calculus tests, one about admitting I probably have dyscalculia so astrophysics might not be the best idea, and one about the fire alarm going off
    Better than shutdowns, I suppose
  2. Got a referral for neuropsych testing
    To test for whatever might be going on (ADHD and dyscalculia specifically, as well as auditory processing disorder. All of these are really common comorbids with autism.)
  3. Repeatedly and deliberately subluxate my wrist
    It hurts like heck now
  4. Received the number of a super cute girl (I have a girlfriend, but my last partner was a polyamorous relationship, so I'll see a) if cute girl is queer, b) if my girlfriend is okay with polyamoury, and c) if cute girl thinks I'm a cute person.)
    She's in my #blacklivesmatter matter class
  5. Cry all through calculus, zone out through #blacklivesmatter, sleep through Legacy of Science and Society, miss sociology
    I am very upset with myself
  6. Call my parents over and over
  7. Sleep too much
    Probably why I'm awake at 4 in the morning
  8. Wear blue lipstick
    So much fun!
  9. Have all my pills taken away
    They're worried that I will not Be Safe.
  10. Wash my chewy fidget stim toy
    Boy did it need it
  11. Probably annoy my roommate
    Of course, I always feel like I annoy my roommate
  12. Faint in the cafeteria. Again.
    My blood sugar crashed
  13. Eat food
    A small amount
  14. Spend thirty minutes heaving over the toilet
    Only thing that came up was stomach acid and foam
  15. Existed. That's okay, right?