Things that make me happy

small things
  1. The bracelet/flash drive I won
    It says "Office of Career Services" and I won it at new student orientation for correctly guessing that the described job was "psychiatrist"
  2. Descriptive phrases about me
    "I think Eliza's blood type is something nobody has ever seen before, like ABC neutral"
  3. The mushroom necklace my friend Alice sent me
    It's small and blue and shiny and it's special because she gave it to me
  4. Wobbly stools
    I love these things okay? I have one in my room and it gets my stimming needs met
  5. Welcome to Night Vale
    "And now for a brief public service announcement. Alligators. Can they kill your children? Yes."
  6. Stickers
    And yet I never stick them on anything