1. Oversharing
  2. Terrible fanfiction
    (Both the reading and writing)
  3. Grouching about societal focuses on ...
    Usually I'm upset about the focus on sex. Usually this is because the vast majority of fanfic out there is romantic/sexual in nature, and no no no thank you
  4. Gushing about and to my girlfriend
    Who I met online (of course)
  5. Oversharing
    It deserves repetition
  6. Trying to be Deep
    I think I succeed a few times
  7. Talking about my special interests ad nauseum
    Autistic Pearl headcanons, anyone?
  8. Lifeblogging
    Yipes. Nobody cares, Eliza
  9. Opinions with a capital O, plural
    Pearl isn't white, yall.
  10. Oversharing
    It's a biggie