requested by @analyce
  1. My majors are a backup plan
    I was going to be an astrophysicist, but that didn't work out
  2. Genetic engineering!!!!
    I took a class on genetic engineering in tenth grade and adored it. I made e.coli fluorescent, and it was the most glorious experience of my life
  3. Genetics in general
    So, I most likely have a genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome. It's interesting to me how that worked out.
  4. I can keep working on what I did this summer!
    I studied vole genetics (specifically melanocortin) in a lab
  5. My dad's a biologist, so I'm carrying on the family tradition! (My mom does everything; she can't choose a particular job)
    He's a wildlife biologist who studied muskox
  6. I just love science in general, and I hope to work in engineering for space exploration
    I'd love an internship at NASA.
  7. As for languages, I already speak three, and adore it
    Maybe that's an exaggeration- my Japanese isn't all that great, but my Spanish and English are
  8. I have to take linguistics classes, which will be super fun
    Whoo! Like biology, I'll be learning more about commonplace things
  9. I want to be able to communicate my thoughts better
    What is the English word for ろまじい? I don't know.
  10. Languages are just fun, and I want to speak them all!
    For my major, I need three classes above the 300 level for two languages, which will probably be Japanese and Spanish for me, because I can start at the 300 level. If I have time, though, I want to try Arabic, so I can communicate with more people
  11. My ultimate career goal is to be a translator for scientific papers!
    That would be so much fun
  12. I'm interested in so many things, so diverse majors will help me with that
    My classes this semester are all sociology, as I dropped physics and calculus because I was failing calc