Your Beautiful Hair!! (literally anything about it??)

requested by @cat_lyn Oh, um, thank you for the compliment! let's see
  1. My ballet teacher once asked my mom if I "tried to make it that way."
    Nope, sorry, it just ... exists
  2. I can't brush it
    I mean, I CAN, but a) the brush gets stuck and b) POOF
  3. I dyed it purple!
    I don't have any good pictures, though
  4. I don't need hairties
    Well, if I want buns that stay in, I do, but for braids and pigtails, nope!
  5. It's a bit of a mess
    It gets tangled in everything
  6. One time, I cut all but a part of it off
    I had this weird Jedi braid for a while
  7. That's it, I guess!