This list should be predictable to any and all who are familiar with the 80's boy band to rule all boy bands.
  1. Bobby Brown
    Bobby invented charisma. And, Whitney was right, he is the King of R&B. All of this despite having only 2 quality albums.
  2. Ralph Tresvant
    I once told Ralph Tresvant I appreciated the hard work they put into the New Edition reunion album. He looked at me with the most tired eyes I had ever seen and told me, "you have no idea how hard it was."
  3. Ricky Bell
    Ricky's voice requires a lot of getting used to. But the blend of real hip-hop with R&B melodies and actual (not imitation) hip-hop vocabulary made BBD's debut album one of the best of the decade. So his voice gets a pass.
  4. Ronnie Devoe
    Neither Ronnie not Mike sing nor rap well. But Ronnie gets the advantage for being pretty and winning over every girl in my school between 1st and 12th grade.
  5. Michael Bivins
    Mike never made a song better. But he also never ruined a song. Which is why he gets the advantage over number 6.
  6. Johnny Gill
    In theory, Johnny is a better singer than the others. In reality, he oversings to the point of completely dismantling the beauty of any melody crafted by songwriters Jam & Lewis.