2017: a list.

I don't go in for the whole New Year's resolution thing, but I do appreciate a good goal or two. I've had this app for over a year so it seems time I made a list. Let's consider this a working document.
  1. Go to Peru. UPDATE: ✔️
    This should be easy - it's booked and I'm leaving in two weeks. But I'd like to point out that Peru has been on my bucket list for 13 years, so that'll be a big check mark.
  2. No new clothes.
    Apart from the necessities required for the above-mentioned trip to Peru. I've been thinking about doing this for a few months. I want to reduce waste and save money. One whole year. 💪🏻
  3. Spend less on food and alcohol. 💰
    I've worked out a monthly budget and am purchasing only with cash, which I take out at the first of the month.
  4. Read more, watch less.
    If I want to start a new show/season on Netflix, I'm going to make myself finish the book I'm reading first.
  5. Draw more.
    This should help. Let's say one a week to start with. Thanks @oldbattleaxe.
  6. Work only at work.
    This one is tough - I know now is the time to put the extra work in to "get ahead" in my career, but I also want more downtime. Exact solution yet to be determined.
  7. Show my friends that I love them. 💛
    Because I really do. And I'm not so great at the telling thing.
  8. Clean out my childhood bedroom.
    For my mother's sake. She needs the storage space.
  9. Make more lists.