I have worked in retail for the past 11 years and every year a piece of my soul dies during the holidays. My faith in humanity also dies a little more.
  1. Exhausted. Look here customer, 5 people have called out for their shifts for being "sick." Can you not tell me I look tired? I have been here for the past 10 hours and would like to go home sometime today, so I don't want to be told to smile.
  2. Frustrated. I don't know what kind of wizarding world you live in, but I can't manifest that size or item out of no where. I do not have a magical back room that accio whatever your needs are.
  3. Left out. My family planned all these awesome things, and I can't do any of them because of an overwhelming sense of capitalism.
  4. Murderous. Why are you yelling at me? Christmas doesn't change you have 12 whole months to buy things, why are you waiting until Christmas Eve 5 minutes before the store closes?!?!
  5. Bah fucking humbug.