Sure, a blurb written in 500 characters or less can really tell you something.... It tells you that the most interesting thing about that person is in those 500 characters (or less.)
  1. It is the Russian Roulette of dating. There's a good chance you will get the face value picture. There's a better chance that angles and filters are really working.
  2. All of the conversations are the same. With the exception of sociopaths, all of the conversations have the same boring questions with the same boring answers.
  3. There's no more chivalry. I have decided to pay for my last couple dates... Not that they didn't offer, but I really didn't feel like splitting the cheapest meal on the menu. I want my own food and I want to not feel like you're controlling my weight. Thanks.
  4. The slight impression and smell of desperation. You don't know what to do with yourself? You haven't had a partner in how long? Get back to me when there's more confidence and you don't need some person to complete you.
  5. Last but not least... The awful and awkward goodbye. Whether it is at the end of the dinner or the end of the one night stand. Saying goodbye is awful. We hung out for x amount of time, scratched the surface, but hope you drive safe. Maybe we'll meet again? Most likely not.