It's been years, but I promise I've fixed zero of these problems.
  1. I'm a perfectionist
    Take quick glance through my twitter (same name) you'll see that typos do not apply.
  2. I'm scared of success
    Which is fine because I've never even come remotely close to it.
  3. ADD
    When I'm woodworking ( all I think about is how I should be editing videos but when I'm editing all I want to do is write sketches, which makes me want to write a new web series, which leads to stand up jokes, which will make me pick up a guitar, then banjo, I BETTER WATER MY GARDEN... Around and around I go until I realize all I've done is thought about all of this and ended up spending 8 hours on one single sub reddit.
  4. Homebody
    I still don't see this as a problem. Except I choose couch over work far too often.