I don't remember the good lessons.
  1. Religion - 4th Grade
    I'll always remember when my teacher said; "the Indians (native Americans, but she def. said Indians) used to think there were different gods. A sun god, a moon god, etc. but now we know that was wrong and just ridiculous. There's only one god." This was, a very public school. Lots of different religions represented. Complete lack of class. Also, total lack of evidence to back her claim/disprove any others. Taught as a fact.
  2. Job interviews - college junior
    I was told by a professor of public speaking, and communications that for all job interviews you should not shower that day. Also, the night before was too close to the interview if you used Dial soap because; "it's too strong and you'll stink like soap." Taught as a fact.
  3. Ghosts - 7th grade science
    The dead can come back to us in dreams to teach us valuable lessons. Taught as a fact.
  4. Weed - Health Class 8th grade
    A vast majority of people who try weed become addicted and eventually try coke. Taught as a fact.
  5. Evolution - 9th Grade Science
    As an alternative to evolution my teacher offered that "some people believe a god gave man intelligence," he paused turned to the board and drew a woman and said; "those same people believe that same god will eventually give woman intelligence too." Taught as a joke, the entire thing. He stressed the overwhelming evidence for evolution. It was argued by several of the religious students.