Thanks for my first list request @amieshmamie! Listed best to worst.
  1. Magazine writing
    A class for my writing minor, and by far my favorite. I love creative nonfiction, and interviewing fellow students for some of my pieces was so cool and I learned a lot about people I never would of otherwise met!
  2. Critical Issues in the Media
    This is the class I learned the most in. Like, DANG, I knew old white men dominated the world, but this class really opened my eyes to just how much. I could go in for hours about all the issues within the modern journalism industry and may make a whole list about this class.
  3. Introduction to the New Testament
    For my religion gen ed. Amazing to learn the true history behind the Bible and the actual, factual lives of the people in it, including Jesus himself. Now when people talk about the Bible, I have a strong critical lens and historical perspective to help me decide what to believe.
  4. Philosophy of Religion
    The assignments weren't hard, but the concepts discussed in class were. The most interesting thing we discussed (I think) is the question of faith vs reason, and if Abraham would be guilty of attempted murder in today's world. We also looked a lot at the Jonestown/Jim Jones/People's Temple cult case and the many layers that go into wether it was a crime or not. Very chilling.
  5. Introduction to Acting
    For my film studies minor. Ugh, I don't know if I liked this class or not. Pros: I got an A and tried something new and wasn't horrible. Cons: the professor was demanding, vague and unorganized and grades were all based on how fellow actors did as well, not individual performances. So, good class learning wise, bad class logistically.