My favorite Golden Globes looks

Everyone looked beautiful, but these were the dresses and looks that made me say, "why can't I look like that?"
  1. Lily Collins
    MY FAVORITE. Seriously, I love her, from her romantic and girly fashion sense to her bold brows. If I was walking the red carpet this is exactly what I would wear. It's just so dreamy.
  2. Carrie Underwood
    According to Yahoo News, her dress is "riling up and polarizing viewers." I don't quite see what's so controversial about a dress, but I think she looks nice.
  3. Emma Stone
    As someone who is also paler than the snow, I'm always excited to see what she's wearing. Her body was literally almost as shimmery as the dress 😝 the stars on her dress were perfect for La La Land
  4. Janelle Monae
    I love her quirky fashion sense and I love that she dressed mature but true to herself. She's so cute.
  5. Reese Witherspoon
    Yellow is my favorite color, but it's hard to wear. Of course Reese wears it perfectly, and only she could make a slit look so classy.
  6. Rachel Bloom
    Really anything floral. I love flowers, especially on dresses.