Do I need a new year to set goals and better myself? No, but at least it's a little motivation. And putting this all in a list on an app will remind of my resolutions so they don't end in 1 week!
  1. Be more intentional about dental hygiene.
    Mouth wash! Floss! White strips! I want to start taking really good care of my teeth. My parents spent a fortune on braces and implants to replace missing teeth, so using a bit of Listerine 2x a day is the least I can do.
  2. Ride my first roller coaster!
    Every year I set a resolution to be more adventurous and bold, but I never am. This year, I'm getting more specific to help me.
  3. Sing karaoke at a bar
    Again, getting bolder.
  4. Stop caring about weight.
    Life's too short to worry about a few pounds.
  5. Drink more water.
    I rarely just drink plain water. It's always flavored or sparkling or something. I need to get better about good ole, normal hydration.