Thoughts watching Project Runway Junior

13-17 year old teens create outfits out of pool toys. Meanwhile, I barely leave the couch.
  1. Wait, today's youth don't know what Gilligan's Island is?!
    One girl even thought it was a Charles dicken's novel. I am in tears. That show is a classic!
  2. Kelly Osbourne is beautiful.
  3. If I was a cool, trendy, fearless person (I am not), I would wear Molly's gold fringe look.
  4. Chris's dress deserved the win. How do you make something so nice out of PLANTS?! Talent, pure talent!
  5. Rene looks like he belongs on the front of a Hollister bag. And isn't this the same outfit Ken wears in Toy Story 3?
  6. I love Cartier's look, and I love that her name is Cartier.
  7. The guy that got eliminated was sort of bratty, but I'll never say I was glad to see him go. He's 17 and has more talent in his little finger than I do in my whole body!
  8. My favorite look was Hawaa. She actually had FUN with the unconventional challenge, and that's the point!