What it's like to go a women's college

I go to an all girls college in the middle of nowhere, Indiana. I like to think it makes my college experience "unique"
  1. People have asked me if I have to wear a uniform to class.
    It's college, not a prep school.
  2. People also always ask if all the professors are nuns.
    Actually, the most respected poetry professor is a sister, but other than that, no nun profs. They are all normal, PhD professors.
  3. If there are ever college-aged boys on campus, they do get stared at.
    Especially in the dining hall or residence halls. There's even a twitter account that people submit pictures of boys on campus to to be posted.
  4. I sometimes feel self-conscious eating in the dining hall.
    If all my friends have salads, I feel anxious having a slice of pizza. Are they silently judging me? Does my pizza make me less healthy?
  5. Girls call the school "one big sorority."
    This does make me gag.
  6. It helps me stand out in job interviews.
    HR people LOVE things like "I go to a women's college." It's unique and unexpected these days.
  7. Nobody ever wears makeup to class.
    So much less pressure.
  8. The school may be Catholic, but it's extremely liberal.
    Gender studies is one of the most popular majors, and most consider themselves feminists. Giving women a voice and fighting for equality are strong points in the schools mission, and everyone is required to take a course entitled "women's voices."
  9. Everyone is extremely friendly, confident, and open.
    We really are all like sisters.