I have big dreams and limited training. Obviously.
  1. Trapeze artist/circus performer
    The circus is kind of persona non grata these days, but man would I love to swing on one of those trapeze things and be caught by a handsome foreign man.
  2. Radio DJ
    Have I called in and gotten through to my local morning radio show more than once? Yes. Each time do I think this is my chance for the witty exchange that will land me a permanent gig? You betcha.
  3. Contestant on Project Runway
    I've never sewn a thing in my life. I'm also terrible at drawing stick figures. And I'm consistently two years late to all fashion trends. And yet all I want is to win Project Runway.
  4. Hair washer at a salon
    I do not want to cut the hair (waaaaay too much pressure/responsibility) but there is something soothing about washing hair. Plus I'd have access to free hair care and advice.
  5. Celebrity assistant
    I can't remember my own coffee order, but I'd give anything for an inside look at the world of celebrity.
  6. Flight attendant
    I have multiple family members who work for the airlines, including as flight attendants so I know this job is actually not all it's cracked up to be, but still. The travel. The jet setting. The sleek luggage. I'm a sucker for the romance of it all.
  7. Oprah
    Because well duh. Who doesn't want her job?