Most of this was in grad school (parties, not classes) where people don't really care about your answer and you can get away with a lot as long as you have some vague ideas. Some of these I haven't read on purpose and some I intend to read someday and some I used to intend to read but tbh the window is probably closed on that
  1. Ulysses (Joyce)
  2. Anything by Ezra Pound
  3. Uncle Tom's Cabin (Stowe)
  4. The Idiot (Dostoevsky)
  5. Jude the Obscure (Hardy)
  6. Anything by Faulkner
  7. Lord of the Flies
    (I don't know who wrote this tbh) (Fielding?) (I googled it, it is Fielding. It's that kind of guesswork that got me here)
  8. In Cold Blood (Capote)
  9. Anything by Thomas Pynchon (except a short story/excerpt that had a lot of improbable things happening to a man in an upstairs apartment?)
  10. Lolita (Nabokov)
  11. Harry Potter
  12. Once on a plane I told a guy next to me that I had read a book by Dan Brown because he wanted to tell me about it and I didn't want his summary. Now looking back I wish I'd let him summarize it for me. Imagine how entertaining that would have been