Fav Moments From Teaching Overseas

I taught English in S Korea for 4 years
  1. A chubby 3rd grader bit me during gym class and said 'teacher NOT DELICIOUS'
    My first instinct was to respond 'how DARE you I am VERY DELICIOUS' but instead I told him about how biting teachers is not good
  2. Asked a group of 11 year olds if they knew what 'healthy' means and w/o missing a beat one boy said 'yes it's if you don't have diarrhea' 💩
    'yes young man that is true here is a sticker' 🌟
  3. I asked them to say words about Hawaii and one kid straight up bellowed 'LOMANCE'
    I didn't notice too much of the L/R switching in pronunciation but in instances like that it was p funny