How to Always Be a Woman

According to B. Joel
  1. Kill with a smile
    Not as easy as it sounds
  2. Wound with eyes
    Even harder than the first one
  3. Ruin faith with casual lies
    That one's pretty easy but v sad
  4. Only reveal what they want others to see
    Tbh that's pretty impressive control
  5. Hide like a child
    Billy, why
  6. Lead ppl to love
    A skill to which we should all aspire
  7. Take or leave (things/ppl)
    V rational behavior
  8. Ask for the truth and never believe
    Only when talking to compulsive liars, BILLY
  9. Take what is given as long as it's free
    I have eaten dinner at Costco before so I can't fight you on this one
  10. Steal like a thief
    ...there are other ways?
  11. Take care of themselves
  12. Wait (if they want)
    Why is this a problem
  13. Ahead of their time
    I do try to be early to things; tardiness irks me
  14. Never give out or in
    (No mention of up or down or back or forth)
  15. Just change their minds
    Which is a sign of maturity
  16. Promise more than Garden of Eden
    I doubt that
  17. Carelessly cut ppl & laugh while they're bleedin'
    Only v poor surgeons/tailors/manicurists tho
  18. Bring out the best you can be
  19. Also the worst, at the same time
  20. Frequently kind VS suddenly cruel
    We need to have a talk abt unmanaged expectations
  21. Can do as they please
  22. Are nobody's fools
    Too broad of a generalization
  23. Can't be convicted
    If only
  24. Earn degrees
    Got the student loan debt to back it up
  25. At the most, will throw shadows at you
  26. Blame it all on yourself
    This one is sadly the most accurate in my experience