1. Weird intro with the voiceover lines
  2. MISS PATTY?! 😭 she is beautiful as ever but she is old. They're all old.
    Curse you Time
  3. The first bouts of fast-talking were so rusty!
    Lorelai seems on the verge of tears the whole time and we're 8 mins in.
  4. Print is dead/ body-shaming/ trigger warnings / war on Christmas
    Fastest reference cluster so far
  5. Rory has a boyfriend and he looks like a doofus and she doesn't like him at all.
    Jess's eyebrow lift could beat that boy up. But he is bringing the fast-talking 🔥 tho
  6. Luke reading Lifetime movie titles is life.
  7. Ugh. Of course Rory's sleep anxiety stress relief is Tap Dancing. Ugh.
  8. Midnight ☕️
  9. Luke's new sign forbids man buns
    BUT HE HAS WIFI?!?? Or does he...
  10. First unnecessary famous person! Roy Choi!
    Lorelai is grumpier than Michel. All bc no one can replace Sookie.
  11. I would buy the album of Kirk sings the Carpenters.
  12. Everyone has aged but Emily. Emily is flawless.
  13. L is super judgy about the giant painting. Funeral flashback.
    Jason looks like a hot pile of garbage. Funny bc HE IS ONE. Luke fixes heating vents in the meantime. ❤️
  14. So much cringe at the funeral flashback! Lorelai can you BE A GROWNUP FOR ONCE
    But this is the evil speech that Emily has wanted to make for years.
  15. Luke hugging Emily is a gif I want on repeat.
  16. 55 minutes in, and Lorelai seems back at normal banter speed.
    She and Luke talking about kids is paced perfectly. But the surrogacy thing is weird.
    'Did you check Yelp?' '...No.' 'Check Yelp.'
  18. WHO IS RORY TALKING TO??? Plz don't be Paul
    LOGANNNNNNN (but wait is Rory cheating 😒 break up with ya boy Rory.)
  19. I never liked Logan before. But he got fine tho. FOINE.
  20. ...did Taylor just reference Zoella??
  21. Girl troubadour!
    Chase me!!!
  22. Zach has aged 1000 years and Gil has reverse aged 5.
    Nope jk, Gil is a mummy in a wig. Brian has remained exactly the same.
  23. Guesses about Berta's language?
    I have none.
  24. 'In the safe, there's an envelope labeled "Body Shipping Cash."'
    Really consider that therapy, Emily.
  25. Final thoughts:
    Rory's book with River Song is for sure gonna fall through, right? And she's gonna have to actually do something about her 'Vegas' deal with Logan. I don't like the surrogate storyline. I do love Emily. ❤️
  26. Group therapy 😳😳😳