I know 0 listers irl so this is a ~SAFE SPACE~
  1. I made a goal to run 100k before Christmas and I have run 30 so far
    I have a problem where if I tell anyone (my husband) about a goal I will be less motivated to accomplish it. Why am I like this. (Ps Gained weight moving back to the States. Hate running but feel better when I do it.)
  2. Two of my brothers and sisters-in-law are flying me and Nate home for Christmas and surprising everyone
    This is v generous bc ✈️=💸 but I am thankful for my sweetheart bros and their sweetheart wives. Also I can't wait to see my mom's face.
  3. One of my best friends from college has been very upset with me for a long time (legitimately so, I was no good as a friend for a few years and she deserves to take the space she needs)
    I haven't shared about our rift with anyone (crept Nate) bc it feels wrong to talk about her with mutual friends, and we haven't seen each other in a long time but I think of her and pray for her daily. Yesterday she emailed! It was a small short unimportant thing but to me it was wonderful. I'm not banking on it, but it's something!