Growing up in a family of 12 certain things were staples.
  1. Cantaloupe
    Which I hate. It was the fruit we could afford bc it was always super cheap. Still tastes like 'can't afford anything better' to me
  2. Jell-o
    My mom got us all to somehow believe this was the biggest deal ever even tho it's garbage and costs like a nickel a box. Well played, mom.
  3. My Aunt Patty's taco salad
    She used a whole bottle of Kraft French dressing and brought it to every family party and I found it DELICIOUS
  4. Dunkin' Donuts
    4 lyfe (butternut cake donut 🏅)
  5. Chicken thighs marinated in Wishbone Italian dressing
    Aka dinner thousands of nights
  6. Crystal Light lemonade
    We went through this stuff like crazy. It was and is gross but to my kid mind it was better than stupid boring water.
  7. Canada mints (the pink ones)
    Literally the only candy my mom ever bought us. Before the cvs opened and forced out Arthur Drug in Windsor center she'd get a bag of these as a reward for not murdering each other in the car while she ran errands.
  8. Fish sticks
    The extent of my seafood experience until I was 18 with the exception of...
    I don't know what they were stuffed with but our local stop'n'shop sold them and once mom got them on sale and all 10 of our heads collectively exploded. I haven't had any in probably 15 years, but I remember exactly how they tasted.