Unsuccessfully and there are so many more
  1. (Most recently) Ariana Grande 'side to side' when she sings 'booooooooooooy got me walkin' side to side'
    This is going to be a difficult list to articulate
  2. Pentatonix 'o holy night' when the girl one sings 'oh niiiiiiiiiiiiiight diviiiiiiiine oh night when Christ was born.'
    It's effortless man.
  3. Whitney Houston 'I will always love you ' after she jumps the octave and belts it for a while
    I could never get the right breath when she takes it up high on that last 'yooooooou'
  4. Lauryn Hill 'you're just too good to be true' when she sings 'it's okayayaayayayyy'
    And thousands more instances from her music
  5. Brooke Fraser's octave break in 'Who are we fooling'
    She sings like butter