We were only allowed to watch what my dad wanted to watch-one TV, one remote, one man. A child of the 70's.
  1. M*A*S*H
    As an 8 year old all I noticed was the blood on their scrubs-jokes were lost on me.
  2. Rockford Files
    Theme song and his car.
  3. 60 Minutes
    Because my parents trusted Morley Safer.
  4. The Bob Newhart Show
    As close as my family got to therapy.
  5. WKRP in Cincinnati
    For my dad, Loni Anderson. For me Andy Travis's tight pants.
  6. Taxi
    My dad is very short-probably related to Danny Devito's character
  7. Kojack
    Telly Savalas, lollipops.
  8. Barney Miller
    Fish always wanting to not be where he was stuck with me.
  9. Saturday Night Live
    Because-well just because.