The questions you should ask yourself when you walk in.
  1. Is she new?
    Cuz then she's not getting paid and I should go
  2. Should I get acrylic?
    Cause that's the only way she's getting paid but also she'll get cancer and so will I, I should go
  3. Is she allowed to eat her lunch at her table?
    Cause if she's banished to the other room because she's not Korean, that's fucked up and I should go
  4. If I try and tip her will she get it?
    Or will it go to the mean labor law breaking salon owner?
  5. Hang nails, unpolished nails, rough and calloused feet are ok?
    Yes, they are. I should go.
  6. Does Cosmo have a feature about clear nail polish this month?
    Probs. I should go.